About the Coalition

In November 2003, local municipal management and union leaders had a vision to provide dependable, affordable health insurance benefits for employees, retirees and their families. This collaborative approach, with shared responsibility between labor and management, produced a plan of benefits, designed by labor that offers choice, flexibility and manageable costs. The Labor-Management Healthcare Coalition (LMHC) was formed as a result of that group effort.

The Employer groups participate as members of the Coalition by appointing one representative from Management; and the Union, most often representing the largest number of employees, designates one Labor representative to serve on the LMHC Board of Directors. Their involvement in the governance, direction and leadership of the Coalition is key to its success. This includes, but certainly is not limited to, plan design, carrier review, RFP processes, financial performance and review of the plans. The Board of Directors serve as an advisory board to the Labor-Management Healthcare Fund Trustees. At minimum, the Boards meet on a monthly basis.

Today, the LMHC consists of more than 30,000 members. 


Mission Statement

This Coalition exists to promote the financial soundness of its members, protect the benefit preferences of its members, and build common bonds with its members for the long-term health of it's members benefit program and shall have all other legal powers permitted not-for-profit corporations. 


The Goals of the Coalition


-To pool resources of Coalition members for the efficient research, development and administration of more cost effective health care programs and networks partnering with their current carrier, BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York (BCBSWNY);

-To improve communication between representatives of labor and management with respect to health care issues;

-To provide workers and employers with opportunities to explore new and innovative joint approaches to achieving savings in their health care programs partnering with their current carrier, BCBSWNY;

-To assist workers and employers in solving problems relating to their health care program not susceptible to resolution within the collective bargaining process;

-To enhance involvement of workers in making decisions concerning the health care programs;

- To educate federal, state and local governments, Coalition members and respective participants, and the general public as to pertinent issues in the health care industry and their impact working with their current carrier, BCBSWNY.

As such, labor and management of regional municipalities are invited to learn more about the Coalition and to potentially apply for membership.




*To determine benefit plan eligibility, please contact your employer.* 

Current Coalition Groups:

City of Dunkirk

East Aurora School District

Erie County Government

Erie County Medical Center Corporation

Erie County Water Authority

Labor-Management Healthcare Fund

Pioneer Central School District


Terrace View

Town of Clarence

Town of Orchard Park

Town of Tonawanda

Town of West Seneca

Western Regional Off-Track Betting