Eligibility Requirements:

To be considered for membership, you must meet the following criteria:

Governmental, public entity and quasi-governmental agencies including but not limited to cities, towns, villages, school districts and governments in and around Western New York.

The group is required to employ individuals in a unit of personnel represented in collective bargaining by an employee organization that has been lawfully recognized or designated as the Unitís Collective Bargaining Representative.

The LMHC, in conjunction with its chosen health insurance carrier, BCBSWNY, will determine eligibility based on their underwriting criteria, including but not limited to a review of census, demographics, family status, historical loss experience (if available), and related information of active, COBRA and retirees.

  • Entities will determine individual eligibility for group health insurance based upon either a Collective Bargaining Agreement between management and labor or the entitiesí eligibility criteria. Entities have the right to determine their own waiting period before they are eligible to participate in the group health plan.

  • Based upon the size of the employer group, underwriting guidelines will determine the minimum participation requirements for enrollment.

  • Requirement to participate in the Plan is to be a sole offering.

  • Current retirees and active employees are required to participate to be eligible for the Plan.