BlueCross BlueShield WNY is your provider for medical/hospital and durable medical equipment coverage.

Customer Service Contact Information:

Health Insurance - BlueCross BlueShield WNY

Customer Service
Toll-free 1-888-839-5169
TDD Line (716) 886-7863

Claims & Correspondence Mailing Address
BlueCross & BlueShield of W.N.Y.
P.O. Box 80
Buffalo, NY 14240-0080

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Care Management

If and when you need assistance with your health care, BCBS's care management team is there to assist you. They work with you to make informed health care decisions, ensuring that you get the care that you need where it makes the most sense.
Mental Health & Substance Abuse

A clinician will assist you with determining the most appropriate type of provider for the services you need and will arrange for treatment.
Health Advocate

A 24-hour service to help members navigate through the healthcare system. Health Advocate is a resource providing medical/clinical information. They can assist with physician visits and help you to understand chronic conditions. They also provide assistance with complex claims and billing issues.

Reminder: If you are outside of the service area and you experience an unexpected illness or injury that is not life threatening, you can call your PCP of Health Advocate for guidance. (If treatment is advised, dial 1-800-810-2583 to locate an in-network provider for an appointment).